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How do I stitch Dancing Needles Frames?


The following is the “preferred method”:
1.   Bring up the design Frame at the embroidery machine.
2.   Stitch the C/C Cross-hair if necessary. It is necessary if it is needed for positioning media (i.e. printed fabric photo’s, pre-embroidered design blocks, fabric with a main focal point) in the center of the Frame. When stitched, it is hidden behind any media attached. To help hide it, use a thread the same color as the “background fabric”. (The “background fabric” is what the Frame is being stitched on to). If desired, when the C/C Cross-hair is unnecessary, advance to Color #2 and avoid stitching it.    
3.   Follow the .pdf Color Run Information sheet stopping after the SHAPE LINE stitching line; place the media over the SHAPE LINE stitching line. To center media, place a dot on the backside of the media. Align with the center of the stitched C/C Cross-hair. If desired, hold in place with one of the recommended products on the market for that purpose. 
4.   Run the ATTACH LINE stitching line. Stop. Using a scissors, cut away the excess fabric up to the ATTACH LINE stitching line. 
5.   Finish running the design Frame.