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Do you have an example of how to layout a quilt top?

When planning where to place the windows for the frames on a quilt top or wall hanging panel, having an uneven number in a row may look the best. Such as, 3 across, 5 across, 7 across in a row. Folding the fabric in 1/2, then again so it is in 1/4's, then starting by using the point where all folds meet for the placement of the first Frame, places that one in the center, then by positioning the others to the left and right, one will end up with an uneven number in a row. Quite a bit of measuring for placement can be done by carefully folding and marking. Use a yardstick for measuring to verify or adjust. Try to get the starting points laid out and marked BEFORE embroidering the FRAMES. Add additional lines to aid with hooping straight if necessary. Most embroidery machine hoops have horizontal and vertical centers marked. By placing vertical lines on the fabric, then, by using those lines to position the fabric in the hoop, it helps with alignment so the final embroidery looks good. Spend some time marking, measuring, and carefully hooping.