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Prepare and Attach Media

Using the template and pre-cutting...


  •  My first suggestion is to attach media via the “preferred method” outlined in FAQ - How do I stitch Dancing Needles Frames?   However, all Frames do come with a printable Template Pattern to use for pre-cutting media. If pre-cutting is desired, this rule must be followed - “Please plan to work up a Test Frame Block using the Template Pattern BEFORE pre-cutting media for any given Frame”. This will ensure that the template works and allow for adjustment to make it work. When cutting out the paper Template Pattern, please leave the entire black outline on the Template Pattern and mark the Template Pattern to know what the right side is. Because fabrics are flexible, some have more nap, and because printer results might vary, it is important to verify that the Template Pattern will work for the fabrics being used. 
  • Using the Template Pattern, trace the Frame shape onto the media.   Media can be a piece of fabric; “prepared appliqué fabric” - fabric prepared with adhesive, SEE ADHESIVE PRODUCTS under USING THE FUSIBLE APPROACH; pre-embroidered design block; or printed fabric photo. If tracing on the backside of the media, orientate the Template Pattern so that the media cut out will be right side up on the right side of the background fabric. Think this through before cutting. At the machine, most likely the C/C stitched Cross-hair won’t be necessary so bypass stitching it and start with Color #2. Stitch through the SHAPE LINE and ATTACH LINE stitching lines. Stop; place the pre-cut media in the hoop inside the stitching lines. If the SHAPE LINE is hidden, the media is too large; if the ATTACH LINE is seen, the media is too small. The media should fit between the SHAPE LINE and ATTACH LINE stitching lines.  Make adjustments if necessary. If desired, hold in place with one of the recommended products on the market for that purpose. Finish stitching. Review and make adjustments to the template before pre-cutting media. 
  • There are other appliqué products available. One is a pressure sensitive fusible web. Basically how it works is, by using a Dancing Needles Template Pattern, trace the shape onto the paper side of the product. Again, be mindful of the correct orientation of the Frame and right and wrong sides of the fabric. Cut it out a bit larger than the traced shape. Fuse the shape to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric. Follow the instructions. After it cools, cut out the shape following the traced lines on the shape. Peel away the paper sheet to expose the sticky surface. Position the shape inside the SHAPE LINE and ATTACH LINE stitching lines as mentioned in the previous step. The pressure sensitive sticky surface helps hold the piece in place and is easily repositioned if necessary. Press in place with an iron, this is a bonding adhesive. Finish stitching the Cover Wrap edge.  Please also read the information under Using the fusible approach... 
  • Search your fabric stores and review the products available to accomplish your Frame embroidery.