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Prepare and Attach Media

Using the fusible approach...


  •  Adhesive products are available for fusing fabrics. In general, by way of ironing, a layer of adhesive is applied to the backside of a fabric.  Follow recommended product directions for applying adhesive.  Next, a paper layer is removed to expose the adhesive on the backside of the fabric.   The adhesive side of the fabric is then placed on the right side or on top of another piece of fabric, then, by ironing again, the fabric with adhesive is fused to the fabric beneath it. By making a small adjustment, this application is easily adapted to machine embroidery. Most important is that one must use an adhesive product designed to be stitched so as not to gum up machine needles.
  • My favorite way to use this type of product for machine embroidery is to iron the adhesive to comfortable sized pieces of fabric, approx. 15” square, ahead of time.  I keep a drawer of “prepared appliqué fabrics”.  At the machine, stitch the C/C Cross-hair of a Frame design, if needed, for aligning a fabric with a central focal point. If not necessary, omit stitching the C/C Cross-hair. Use the “prepared appliqué fabric” like any other piece of appliqué fabric, adding it in the hoop after the SHAPE LINE stitching. Run the ATTACH LINE stitching, then, when the machine stops, cut away the excess fabric up to the stitching line.  Finish stitching the Frame.  After stitching, remove from hoop and iron on either the backside, or the right side, to fuse the layers together. Take care so as not to damage the threads with too hot of an iron; perhaps use a pressing cloth. I have even used a tiny iron to fuse the fabric inside the hoop after running the ATTACH LINE stitching line and cutting away the excess fabric, before running the final COVER WRAP stitching. I know some of you will opt to do this, too. This requires removing the hoop from the machine; but do not remove the product from the hoop.  Place the hoop on an ironing board, and with an iron, fuse the “prepared appliqué fabric” to the background fabric.  When using this approach, make sure everything has cooled before re-attaching the hoop to the embroidery machine to continue with the stitching. Use care when using an iron, especially if younger children are working on a project.