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Background Fabric

Where an Embroidery FRAME will be stitched.

  • The BACKGROUND FABRIC can be a complete piece of fabric such as a complete panel for a quilt top or wall hanging panel - no need to cut the fabric into pieces, just mark where the FRAMES will stitch.
  • The BACKGROUND FABRIC can be an article of clothing, such as a sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket, children's clothing.
  • The BACKGROUND FABRIC can be a craft item, such as a tote bag, purse, doily.
  • The BACKGROUND FABRIC can be a tablecloth, tablerunner, placemat, napkins, potholder, towels, bed linens; anything that can be embroidered.
  • The BACKGROUND FABRIC should be something suitable to embroidery; fabrics used should consist of a high thread count. Don't overlook the "Cheater Quilt" fabrics in your stash. They already have a pre-planned layout window where a FRAME can be embroidered.