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NEW - ITH "In-the-HOOP" section.  Just released as a set is the ITH Gift Card Hanger w/Pocket.  All data and instructions for six different styles is included.  Constructed completely at the embroidery machine.  When finished, simply cut away excess fabric, turn, tuck gift card, business card, 3" x 3" stickee note pad, or other treasure into back pocket.  Hang on tree or wall.  Work up for any occasion. 



 USE "CURLY SLEEPING TIME" DESIGNS WITH OR WITHOUT CUTTING MACHINE ~ Pre-cut appliques on cutting machine OR use included applique pattern templates to hand-cut appliques - no cutting machine necessary. 

Newly released are the CURLY SLEEPING TIME designs with artwork by www.Clipartopolis.com  The designs feature the use of variegated threads (optional) and applique pieces pre-cut on fabric cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo or Brother Scan and Cut or any fabric cutter that reads .svg, .studio, or .studio3 cutting files, all included in the design embroidery data, OR use the included applique pattern templates to hand-cut the appliques, no cutting machine necessary.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow using the Design Information .pdf file provided with each design.  Purchase the designs individually or in Sets as: 1) 12 Designs Only; 2) 12 Designs with the Blanket Edge Applique Frame; or 3) 12 Designs with the Satin Edge Applique Frame (used on the baby quilt below).  NOTE: Please do not resize the embroidery design files because then the pre-cut applique pieces won't fit. 

Go to CATALOG BROWSE, click on APPLIQUE SECTION to see the designs.  Click on a design to view it.  To return to the design library, click the back arrow or 'Applique Section' words directly above.   View the designs more closely in the PHOTO GALLERY Section or click through the SLIDE SHOW on the HOME page. 



To create this quick easy baby quilt, the Curly Sleeping Time designs with Satin Edge Applique Frame 'SqWave12' were used.  Use my quick easy quilt technique ~ start with a piece of fabric as large as the quilt is to be. By pairing the design with an applique frame, it gives the illusion of there being a quilt block.  For this quilt, a piece of fabric 44” wide (off the bolt) x 60” long was used.  Take time to measure and cut it to a nice rectangular piece.  This will pay off when marking the windows where each design will stitch.  Gather up a ruler, a yardstick, a water soluble fabric marking pen, and quilting safety pins. The following is a super easy technique for drawing lines onto the fabric identifying each window where an embroidery design should stitch.  Fold the fabric perfectly in half lengthwise, (along the 60” length).  Mark the folded edge with broken lines using the water soluble marker, not a complete line as this marking line serves to only identify the center of the piece of fabric lengthwise.  5.5” from each side of the broken line, draw a solid line lengthwise.  Two solid lines placed on fabric.  11” to the left and 11” to the right of those lines, add two more solid lines lengthwise.  There should now be 4 solid lines lengthwise on the quilt top.  Now add the lines along the 44” width.  Fold the fabric in half widthwise.  This time, draw a solid line across the 44" width.  11” on each side of that solid line, draw two more solid lines.  Three solid lines placed on quilt top.  Again, 11” away from last two lines drawn, add two more solid lines.  There should now be 5 solid lines widthwise; the end result is 12 – 11” windows where the designs will be embroidered.  Now find the center of each window by measuring 5.5” from each window edge and place a dot in the center of the window.  This is the center starting point dot where you start embroidering a design.  Add additional marks on the fabric if necessary to help align your hoop horizontally and vertically during hooping.  NOTE:  During hooping, it is not necessary that the center dot be exactly in the center of the hoop unless the hoop is not much larger than the design, only that the hoop be positioned evenly horizontally and vertically inside the window lines allowing enough room for the design to trace and stitch inside the hoop after scrolling to the starting point dot.  One piece of cutaway is sufficient because after stitching the applique frame shape line, the applique fabric for the applique frame is added which affords enough support for the remaining stitches. Proceed to hoop each window of the fabric with one piece of medium cutaway.  At the machine, scroll to the starting point dot, (this is necessary so that all of the designs will stitch in the center of the pre-mapped windows), run a trace to verify that the design will stitch within the hoop, then stitch the design.  After a design is stitched, trim away the cutaway.  Hoop the next design, stitch it, trim away the cutaway.  Continue until all designs are stitched completing the quilt top.  Next, layer the quilt top with batting and a back piece of fabric, pin all together using safety pins.  Following the water soluble lines between the stitched applique frames, add straight stitching lines or fancy stipple stitching joining all layers together.  Last, add satin edge binding (baby's favorite 'feely weely' thing) all the way around the outside edge.  Simple, easy, fast, beautiful, usable.  This project consists of mostly machine embroidery with only the joining of the layers and the binding edge being done on a sewing machine.  Great for working moms and people in a hurry, and beautiful in the end.  Practice working up one design.  Stitch it up into a little one's security blanket.  See the one in the photo gallery.  Use your imagination and get creative. 

TIPS FOR PREPARING THE APPLIQUE FABRIC:  Since the applique pieces are pre-cut, a product must be added to the fabric to help it adhere until the stitching attaches it.  One product found most helpful for this purpose is Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder, available through your sewing center.  It is a pressure sensitive product that has a paper peel away backing leaving a sticky surface that holds the applique piece in place.  It also can be repositioned if necessary.  Appli-Kay Wonder comes in 8.5” x 11” sheets or on a roll.  The sheets lend themselves to the use of the cutting machine.  Following the instructions on the Appli-Kay Wonder product, iron the product to the wrong side of the fabric.  Trimming away the excess fabric up to the Appli-Kay Wonder edge produces a nice 8.5” x 11” piece of fabric for feeding into the cutting machine.  Follow your cutting machine instructions for precutting the fabric applique pieces by using one of the provided formats of .svg, .studio, or .studio3.  Do not peel away the paper to reveal the sticky surface until you are ready to place the applique during embroidery.  If desired, after stitching, fuse the pieces in place by using a small applique iron.  To use the included template applique patterns for hand-cutting the applique pieces, decide if you will be tracing the appliques on the right side of the fabric or backside.  Template patterns are in color with file name printed on piece for easy identifying.  Use color side up when tracing on to right side of fabric.  If desired, use fabric same as template color.  When tracing onto the wrong side of the fabric, or the paper side of Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder that has been added to the wrong side of the fabric - flip template pattern over, color side down.  A workflow process that works great is to print the Design Information .pdf sheets for each design, then cut the applique files for each design and layer them atop each designs Design Information Sheet.  For this interesting fun application, PRACTICE is a must.  Simply stitch just one design and you will have the process down.  Don't forget to provide a photo of your project piece that you create.  Besides using on a quilt or blanket, use on bibs, burp clothes, clothing, bedding, picture frames, use your imagination.