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As a youngster, I would watch my mother hand stitch embroidery on to pillow cases, dish towels, doily's, dresser scarves. Before I started school, I, too, could make the stitches. My zest for machine sewing began as I stood at my mother's elbow watching her stitch away on her Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. By age 10, I was using it myself. I would experiment with all of the attachments and stitch on fabric, paper, vinyl, cardboard. I tried everything, even stitching without thread to produce patterns on paper. In high school, I had a portable Brother machine that I toted with me wherever I went. In the early 1970’s, my husband gifted me with a Sears Kenmore machine that stitched Pattern Sequences via drop-in cams. This is when my love for machine embroidery was born. I decorated my children's romper knee pads and pockets, bedding, towels, napkins, anything that could be sewn, with the beautiful running Pattern Sequences. In the late 1980's, I invested in a Pfaff 1475CD sewing machine that came with a Creative Designer input device for creating and editing my own pattern sequences. Later, a DOS computer program became available that interfaced with the machine and it afforded more creative ability.  Next, came the Pfaff 7570 machine that did hooped embroidery and improved Windows computer programs.
My first Frames were made to easily affix printed fabric photo’s to an heirloom quilt top. I wasn’t happy with how the photo’s looked when attached with a sewing machine. I was spoiled because of the look and quality of machine embroidery.  So I devised a way to accomplish the application using an embroidery machine and an embroidery file that stitched consistently the same every time and looked very neat. My Embroidery Frames were born out of a need. That is how my idea developed.  By incorporating a C/C stitched cross-hair, it was easy to place the fabric photo’s into the middle of the Frame. I discovered, too, that it was the perfect place to add the beautiful Pattern Sequence stitching that so intrigued me in the 70’s. If I was fascinated by the effect, I felt others would be, too, so I set about to offer the Frames I use to everyone. I created many Basic Frames in different sizes and formats, then, using today's computer technology, I began adding decorative ~ Flair ~ Pattern Sequences to the Basic Frames. In the future, more Pattern Sequences will be added to existing Basic Frames. 
Along the way, I realized the Frames not only worked for attaching printed fabric photo’s to a background fabric, but also to attach pre-embroidered design blocks stitched from ones existing library of designs, at one’s leisure; or to simply attach fabric pieces, like appliqué work. The unique centering cross-hair helps with alignment when necessary, and is hidden during stitching, but is also easily eliminated at the machine when not needed. I discovered, too, how beautiful the effect of variegated thread is in the satin columns and as a result, the Thread Color Sampler file was born to give the user a very easy way to see how a variegated thread will look once it is stitched. Using your variegated threads, work up a Thread Color Sampler.  You will never view variegated threads the same ever again.  Use the stitched Thread Color Sampler for choosing harmonizing solid color threads and fabrics.  
Begin, take out your fabric stash; your threads, especially the variegated ones; go through your existing design library; have fun planning how to attach printed fabric photo's, pre-embroidered design blocks, or pieces of fabric, to a "background fabric". A "background fabric" is any media such as a fabric panel, article of clothing, craft item, linens, towels, any item suitable to embroidery.
On the Home Page, ~ Dance ~ through the Slide Show to preview Frames, some stitched with fabric inserted, some stitched with a fabric photo inserted; some with variegated threads.  All Frames will accommodate a pre-embroidered design block.
Review the Online Support Section which includes an FYI (For Your Information) Section. There are tips for how to lay out and mark a 45” lap quilt. 
Projects / Patterns section to see patterns available and to find out how to purchase or receive the Thread Color Sampler free.  All patterns include instructions with diagrams to help accomplish a project.  
Enjoy using your computer embroidery machine, your library of embroidery designs, and with your array of threads and fabrics, create beautiful pieces to give as gifts, or for personal enjoyment.
Let's get started.....